Kids stuff

Kids stuff

By Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

Illustrated by Viviana Cazzato

Tempesta Publisher

From the prologue:
Kids’ stuff. This is kids’ stuff.
Sometimes, that is how we catalog things not sufficiently worthy of our attention. Burdened with significant experience. And from basic awareness enhanced.
Read as adult as well, if time escapes you.
Yeah, the time.
Time for the kids' stuff is obviously for them. And for those who still believe that somewhere, between a star and another, a bunch of flying children is hiding.
If only it were so.
Many, too many dream of a world where the clichés are not what they really are.
A box whose unfolding can show everything.
As a giggling harmless jack-in-a and much more terrifying surprises. With a myriad of possibilities in between.
That is, an infinite stuff.
Even things that should be everything except how they are singled out. With opinionated superficiality.
Kids’ stuff.
If we fully knew them, perhaps, the time it takes to give it eyes and ears would be a duty.
And even a pleasure.
Good reading.

Notes on the book:
It consists of an anthology of short stories inspired by real news facts, hence the subtitle Little true stories.

To buy:
Roba da bambini (Kids’ stuff - ISBN 9788897309574)
In the specialized websites (updating): IBS, Webster, Libreria Universitaria, Deastore
Alternatively, available on the publisher's website.

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